How do I write a good Story?

Dyversifi gives diverse candidates insight into what it's like for people similar to them at various companies. A good Story:

1. is genuine and personable.

2. references things that are specific to your company.

3. does not include the names or identities of specific individuals (if you include the name of someone you work with, our team will not post your experience, and we will contact you to ask that you edit your experience).

4. is representative of your complete experience at your company. Consider both the positive and negative parts of your time at the company, even if the overall experience leans one way.

5. provides suggestions for improvement. Companies use the reviews to find areas that they can focus on to improve the experiences of their minority employees.

6. is not solely focused on inclusion and diversity. Think that your company could make its promotion process more straightforward? Feel free to include that in your experience.

Is Dyversifi free for users?

Yes! Dyversifi is 100% free for users. Please use our site to search for experiences of various companies, read up on the latest inclusion and diversity trends, submit your story for your company.

Are my Stories confidential and anonymous?

Yes. We take user confidentiality and anonymity very seriously. We don’t share your personal information with anyone, unless we believe that it is necessary for legal reasons - see ourPrivacy Policyfor more information.

With that being said, it is possible that someone from your company could identify you based on your Portrait. We only require you to respond to one Portrait prompt, but we encourage you to answer as many as you feel comfortable with. Remember, your Stories give insight to people similar to you about your experience at your company. The more Portrait information they have, the better it is for them.

How do you verify Stories?

It is against outTerms of Useto submit a story for a company that you do not work for or have not worked for in the past. We verify stories to the best of our ability, but with the internet the way it is, there is no way to fully guarantee the validity of a story.

Can non-minorities use Dyversifi?

Yes. While Dyversifi is intended to improve transparency for diverse candidates, those who don't consider themselves diverse are also invited to submit stories.

If you are a non-minority, we encourage you to submit your story, and then use Dyversifi to learn more about the experiences of your minority co-workers. Be an ally! Do you see any major discrepancies between your experience and the experience of another demographic? Are there any common themes that you notice among similar Portraits? Think about how you can take this information and do your part to make your workplace environment more inclusive!

How is Dyversifi different from other sites?

Dyversifi is the only company insight platform designed for diverse employees, by diverse employees.

We know that the different minorities will have different work experiences. We also know that different minorities are looking for different information when considering a career or a company, That’s why we attach user-submitted Portraits  to every anonymous story. This helps our users find stories from people that identify similarly to them, and it provides a more complete picture as to what it would be like to work at a company.

Is Dyversifi available for people outside of the US?

For now, we are only accepting Stories from US-based employees. However, if you're base outside of the US, you're more than welcome to use create an account and interact with Dyversifi!

P.S. - we suggest following us onTwitterandInstagramyou can stay in the loop for when we do expand to other geographies ;)