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Morgan Stanley
New York, NY
10,000 +

Representation - Gender Identity


Representation - Race

Native American

Handling the application process

May 25, 2020

Make connections. Find an email address, or try to message people on LinkedIn. People look at a ton of resumes, so when they see your name, you want them to associate it with something. Craft your story to make it seem like Morgan Stanley is the only thing that you want to do with your life. Make it seem like all roads lead towards this position. Especially for college recruiting, it�s important for the company to feel comfortable bringing you on.

Navigating the company culture

May 25, 2020

Get up to speed as fast as possible. Meet everyone in your group, and be open and friendly. I try to be very socially aware, so if there�s someone who isn�t approachable before s/he has their morning coffee, don�t talk to that person until they are situated for the day. Picking up on the social dynamics of the team is vital. Be a sponge. Get that 80% understanding as fast as possible, and then that remaining 20% will happen over time.

Succeeding in the promotion process

May 25, 2020

Avoid leaving a bad taste in anyone�s mouth. Every person that you come in contact with, you want them to have a positive outlook on you. People talk and you�re being compared to 20 other people. Ask for feedback, and pay attention to the details. You don�t want to mess up on dumb things like PowerPoint slides. Whoever you�re working for, make sure that you�re aligned on things. People have their own preferences, so you want to get acclimated with your manager�s style. The real world is just an entirely different timeframe. You need to understand the wealth of knowledge that people have, and how long it took them to get to that position.

Negotiating salary & benefits

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Shaping your career development

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June 3, 2020


New York, NY


1-3 years

Company culture

The firm culture is cool. I�ll go out and get drinks with co-workers if there�s a happy hour. At the end of the day it�s still work, but overall I�m happy with it.

Company culture

I�m happy with my work-life balance; my hours aren�t terrible. There was one project that had pretty brutal hours, but once we had that last meeting, they told us to not come into work the following day. The groups are very accommodating. I can�t speak from experience, but i�d imagine that the team would be supportive if I needed to step away from work for a period of time.

Relationships with manager(s)

I�ve had 3 managers so far, and I�m 2 for 3 on liking their management styles. When you don�t like a specific style, or dont think you can approach them, I try to connect with other members on the team that had been working with that manager for longer periods of time. That way, I could do revisions with them before going to my actual manager.

Diversity programs

There are only two black people in my class of 20 or so. There�s a ton of diversity programs. For the most part I�ve felt included in everything. There�s not a lot of diversity, but the Black people are always looking to give back. There�s a program where one day, instead of going to work, you go to another location and hear from a group of Black leaders. The company is definitely aware of the need to support its Black employees. It�s good to see the effort.

May 25, 2020





New York, NY


1-3 years



Recruiting and retention

Diversity programs

role transparency

Accuracy of job requirements

Accuracy of job description


Promotion and upward mobility

Training and career development

Contribution to work


Work-life balance

Work flexibility

Work inclusiveness

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