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How do I make my application stand out?

June 5, 2020

The best way to do it is to get a referral. Connecting with people internally is helpful. You also need a strong resume - one that isn't over a page long.

June 5, 2020

Do your research. We have a lot of external-facing information about our products and how you should approach them. Be sure to leverage those specific details when you're doing your interview.

What’s the best way to prepare for the interview?

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What should I do soon after I start working?

June 5, 2020

Connect with people on your team, but also outside of your team. Also, try to identify mentors and join the ERG that you identify with. Take the time to really understand the landscape of your role rather than try to make an impact right away. Facebook gives you ample time to onboard, so take advantage of that.

What do I need to do to get promoted?

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July 5, 2020

Client Solutions Manager


1-3 years

Application and interview process

I went through a batch interview, where a group of candidates were interviewed on one day. Sometimes candidates get stuck in the pipeline because they are waiting for a position to open, so I didn't receive an offer until 5 months after my initial interview.

Company culture

Overall you have to work collaboratively with your team. I work with only one other person on a day to day basis. I also collaborate with cross-functional partners, which is really enjoyable. Experiences vary at Facebook. My team has been inclusive, but I have heard of other employees who have not felt that their teams were inclusive. My experiences have exceeded the experiences of those at my prior consulting firm.

Diversity programs

The goal of ERGs is to provide community and professional development opportunities. It has been great to build a network of other Black employees. It’s nice to have the space to share and celebrate black culture. I’m not aware of any formal minority focused coaching programs, but we do have a program called Coaching Circles, that are available for all employees and can be created for specific groups. I was part of a coaching circle that was led by a Black leader, and it was specifically for Black employees. It taught me a lot about mentorship and navigating the performance cycle process.

Relationships with manager(s)

My relationship with my manager has been good primarily because we meet on a regular cadence. A lot of my work in the sales org is independent, so my manager doesn’t really work with me. A lot of what I do is communicate what I do with her so she understands the work I’ve done, and so she can support me during performance reviews.

Training and career development

I wish we had a more formal training or development program. Coaching circles are similar, but they’re really six-week programs. We have Be The Ally training and a Managing Bias training, and those are highly encouraged by managers, although they’re not required.

June 22, 2020

Business Analyst


3-5 years

Application and interview process

I had a phone screener, then four back-to-back on-site interviews. The interviews focused on candidate engagement, tech recruiting strategy, and culture fit. The process was straightforward, and since Facebook in New York was really trying to grow at the time, I heard back after about 10 days.

Promotion discussions

If your manager rides for you, you can be promoted; if they don’t, then it will be much harder. With my first manager, it took me about two years to get promoted, and there are people on the team that have been there about four years and still haven’t been promoted. The promotions are not always based on merit. Sometimes it’s more just about who you’re close with.

Diversity programs

It’s easier to get information here than it was at Google. Anytime that there’s something going on in the world or at work, we can get information and discuss it at work because that’s just the nature of the platform. They’ve started a lot of diversity programs in the last few years. The programs are constantly getting redesigned and revamped to be better. At Facebook, it seems like people really care, especially compared to Google. The mission of the company is to connect people, so the company is really concerned about the people and the employee experience.

Relationships with manager(s)

Within the recruiting organization, some managers will be more transparent about what you need to do, and some won’t. With other groups, like engineering, it’s much more straightforward. Managers really own your career in terms of progression, and they can block you from moving upwards. My manager blocked me a couple times from leaving or progressing at Facebook. I was the top performer on the team for all three years that I was there. I received feedback that I wasn’t vulnerable enough or that I didn’t talk to her enough, and I had to be good about drawing boundaries with her. Facebook is very political, and you have to do some sucking up. People have been promoted just by aligning themselves with certain people, and I just wasn’t willing to do that.

Salary and benefits

Top tech firms like Facebook and Google pay better than most firms. Comparing Facebook to Google, the engineering organization and most other organizations get less in terms of stock and equity than Google than Google, but typically their base salaries are higher.

June 13, 2020



Business Analyst


3-5 years



Recruiting and retention

Diversity programs

role transparency

Accuracy of job requirements

Accuracy of job description


Promotion and upward mobility

Training and career development

Contribution to work


Work-life balance

Work flexibility

Work inclusiveness

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