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Atlanta, GA


1,000 - 10,000



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Native American

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August 2, 2020

Executive Assistant

Atlanta, GA


1-3 years

Salary and benefits

As a full-time employee, you will most likely enjoy the benefits at CNN. New FTE start with 28 days of PTO (yours will be prorated depending on where in the year is your start date). Your number of PTO days increase with time. 30 year employees only have to work 9 months out of the year. 20 year employees work 10 months. And when you hit major milestones like 10, 20, 30 year marks, you're granted an extended leave with even more vacation.

Salary and benefits

I consider my health insurance reasonably priced for the high quality of services and doctors. Then again I am single. I am not sure how much married couples and families pay for health insurance. FTEs are granted access to life insurance, 401(k), health savings, etc. I personally like the benefits and plans we are offered. On site at the CNN Center in Atlanta, there's a doctor's office. You can visit for check ups, emergencies, other regular care, and counseling sessions. BUT if you are joining a show team, any sort of editorial team, running on the 24/7 schedule, then your PTO process will look very different from mine.

Salary and benefits

When the holidays arrive, you may have to pull numbers from a hat and play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who gets to enjoy Thanksgiving or not. I wish I was kidding but this practice occurs regularly around the holidays. The show teams try to make their PTO holiday request process as fair as they can.

Salary and benefits

Salary: As it pertains to salary, some would consider me overpaid for what I do but the truth is I earn every dollar. You're also afforded the opportunity for merit increases each year and a bonus if the company is financially well positioned.

Salary and benefits

Salaries for tech positions are debated as not being high enough to attract great talent to our tech teams. CNN / WarnerMedia tech salaries are nowhere near the Google & Apple tech salaries of the world. The higher you rise in contribution to the company (in terms of title and job duties) the higher your salary will go.

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