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Representation - Gender Identity


Representation - Race

Native American

Handling the application process

August 11, 2020

I would try and network with the people in your group so you can build stakeholders. It’s a super competitive process, so it’s nice to have someone on your side. Once you get your foot in the door, they’ll send you a case study that you’ll have to present to a committee. You’ll also have to provide a recommendation on your thesis.

Navigating the company culture

August 11, 2020

URMs comprise less than 10% of my group. There isn't a ton of representation, but from the top-down they are really focusing on building that representation. They recruit from banks, so they are heavily relying on them to be diverse, but now they've shifted to recruiting from elsewhere so they can find diverse talent. Black Rock has done a lot around the BLM and has developed safe-spaces for employees to have those conversations.

Succeeding in the promotion process

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Negotiating salary & benefits

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Shaping your career development

August 11, 2020

You're a generalist for your first couple years, and then you can silo yourself within an industry vertical. The promotion process is extremely intensive, and you have to have a lot of people behind you. The more people you have buy-in from, the better off you'll be. Having a mentor is key and is an advantageous way of increasing your promotion potential.

August 21, 2020

Associate Level


3-5 years

Company culture

Company culture is great. It can be hard because everyone is really intelligent. There's a lot of autonomy and even at a lower level you are expected to contribute. There's a lot of growth potential.

Company culture

You're given a lot of responsibility. This is a place where the juniors are relied upon and your voice is heard.

Company culture

Work-life balance isn't that bad. You’re not working banking hours, but you're working pretty heavy hours. It’s manageable. You have time to get drinks after work and hang out on the weekends. It’s just not an 8-6, but it’s worth it.

Relationships with manager(s)

My managers have been great. I think it’s a little tough because I've found other people within the company that I look to as a mentor. I think there are things I talk about with my manager and things I’d go to my mentor for. They are always there for promotion discussions and have been transparent during the review/feedback process.

Promotion discussions

I always make sure to address this at the end of the year with my manager. I like to know where I stand and what I can improve on. Generally, you spend 4 years at associate level and then you are promoted to VP. Everything you've done over the last 4 years will be given to a promotion committee and it’s really an intensive process.

August 13, 2020



Associate Level


3-5 years



Recruiting and retention

Diversity programs

role transparency

Accuracy of job requirements

Accuracy of job description


Promotion and upward mobility

Training and career development

Contribution to work


Work-life balance

Work flexibility

Work inclusiveness

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