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London, United Kingdom
10,000 +

Representation - Gender Identity


Representation - Race

Native American

Handling the application process

July 14, 2020

They specifically look for experience and interest in the health space, their team looks at global well-being as an area of growth, they look for global related experience, any sort of job experience is a plus (no matter where). Big emphasis on D&I right now, the goal for 50% of levels 1-5 should be female, 25% of levels 1-3 should be minorities (company hierarchy is split apart into levels). Candidates that stand out are individuals who can speak diff languages (esp Spanish rn), studying abroad is a plus.

July 14, 2020

Start off with a video interview (pre-recorded), so practice those, come in with good questions, they interview in bigger buckets, make sure you have solid understanding of your own interests, do practice interviews w career services, don't sound too rehearsed

Navigating the company culture

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Succeeding in the promotion process

July 14, 2020

Objectives need to hit up to two levels above you if you want to get promoted, innovation is one of them (contributing to BD, not just doing work “well”). To move up faster, show more initiative, come up with new ideas, think outside the box and bring it forward.

Negotiating salary & benefits

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Shaping your career development

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July 26, 2020


Chicago, IL


3-5 years

Promotion discussions

I was part of a rotational program. I knew I would be promoted within 2 years b/c I would graduate from the program. The two women above me went from specialist to analyst, and then ended up to consultant. I had to self-advocate, get client feedback, get feedback from senior members on the team, build a business case for myself to be promoted, and then go to the manager to ask how to get promoted in a year and pay raise. I would take the BD rubric, highlight the skills I was good at, and put in sound bites from my feedback to basically dummy-proof it for my manager to make a compelling case to get promoted.

Company culture

My team is specifically 40 ppl with a diff culture than the whole firm, AON. I was one of 4 Indian ppl, 10 Asian ppl on the entire floor and that was ATL, which is a diverse place. There is a good number of women because it's the healthcare field. I doesn't feel ostracized, but I'm an outspoken advocate for D&I especially with recruiting.

Company culture

I am an ally member of the Black Professionals Network nationally. I have had great mentors who don't look like me, including white males who are helpful because they know how it works. I originally wanted ppl who looked like me, but I learned it was very helpful to have ppl who don't look like you either.

Company culture

My team has very healthy work-life balance, and they're very conscious of burnout. When I got close to burning out, I spoke up and took a mental health day and then my team adjusted my workload within a week. I can be herself at work.

Diversity programs

D&I programs can be more effective. We don't have a group of ppl whose sole job is to improve diversity, the ppl who do it (like myself) are on their own time because they care about it. It's almost like an afterthought after I finish my client work.

July 19, 2020





Chicago, IL


3-5 years



Recruiting and retention

Diversity programs

role transparency

Accuracy of job requirements

Accuracy of job description


Promotion and upward mobility

Training and career development

Contribution to work


Work-life balance

Work flexibility

Work inclusiveness

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