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Dyversifi Storyteller Intern

Almost all minorities have similar stories - good, bad, and in-between - that have shaped their career experiences. Dyversifi is a career insight platform with the goal of sharing these stories so other minorities can learn from them and, ultimately, find a company and career where they can be successful. We gather tailored insight into the minority experience and make it available to any individual looking to learn what it’s like to work at a prospective company.

As a Storyteller, you will capture the experiences of minorities at companies across the country. By leveraging your network - school alumni, family, friends, etc. - you'll be responsible for interviewing diverse employees and recording their experiences around aspects like career development, representation, and diversity programs. Being a Storyteller is a great opportunity to build on your network and learn more about careers in consulting, tech, finance, and more!

This is a paid position! For every story you tell, you will receive $10. Story interviews take 30 minutes.

Our vision is to level the playing field and connect minorities with the career opportunities out there for them. Join us for the ride! Apply here.

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