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Our Mission

To provide complete transparency into the minority experience so diverse people can find companies and careers that they love.

Our Vision

To level the playing field and connect minority talent with the career opportunities available to them.

Our Story

For Toby, it was when a manager on his second consulting project introduced him as the team athlete,' which bolstered his imposter syndrome and made him doubt whether he deserved to be in his role.

For Dumebi, it was the personal call that she got from her manager after she’d been promoted, which signaled to her that she had a solid support system at her company.

Almost all minorities have similar stories - good, bad, and in-between - that have shaped their experiences in their careers. Our mission with Dyversifi is to share these stories so other minorities can learn from them and ultimately find a company and career that they love. We gather tailored insight into the minority experience and make it available to any individual looking to learn what it's like to work at a certain company and how to succeed once you get there.

Our vision is to level the playing field and connect minorities with the career opportunities out there for them. Join us for the ride.

Your Stories

"Most of the people in my industry are white women, I find it hard to find people in my network that look like me. It’s difficult to find out about the Latinx experience.
"I&D programs feel like pandering; they don’t seem genuine. Companies have them, but you’re still working for a 40 year old white dude at the end of the day.
“I know a lot of people that have said ‘I would never work for this company because they don’t value veterans.'
"I wish I would have asked more questions during the application process, so in the long haul I wouldn’t have to hold back from showing who I am.

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